"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." ​ Rumi

Calling All Conscious Creators

Do you feel a tug in your heart to share something unique?

Have you been questioning everything, knowing you're here to be a part of something new?

Are you ready to UNITE and change the world?

Your Genius Journey™

The World is Filled With Brilliant People with Amazing Gifts

The problem is, not all know how to thrive in the world in ways that honor their uniqueness!


Because they've been trained to work in systems that compete for greatness when they are wired to share their genius in collaboration and unity.

If you have found this page. . .

You where born to live YOUR GENIUS as part of an alliance built on a new foundation of unity, love and collaboration.

Awaken Infinite Potential

You no longer need to struggle

We have been living on the stage of greatness in a world built from a foundation where the pinnacle of success is SELF actualization.

However, we've passed through the event horizon beyond SELF Actualization.  A place where we step above the stage of greatness and meet TOGETHER in the field of genius.

I believe that each of us has a unique gift that our world needs, including those who are non-verbal autistic.  AND I have witnessed the transcendent technologies of many uniquely gifted beings.  These innovations are beyond any others previously introduced in the physical world. 

With the right tools, understanding, focus, and support, you can share your genius and experience the transcendent technologies of other uniquely gifted.  Together, we attract those ready to receive what we have to offer in an ever-evolving alliance built on the foundations of unity, love, peace and prosperity.   

You can be part of the full blossoming of untapped human potential and help bring peace into hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.

I invite you to step from the stage of greatness into the field of genius to explore your genius gifts and empower the genius in others. 

Enroll Now

We'll help empower your intentions, illuminate your path, and strengthen your energy, so that you feel supported and stay connected.

This experiential wisdom lab is where you’ll get tools to attune your heart and mind to the voice of Your Genius.  As we learn together from the field of unity consciousness, we are able to harmonize your needs with the needs of others on the path of awakening.

A remote experiential guidance program for conscious creators


We're Here to Help You


It’s impossible to understand transcendent technologies without a clear mind aligned with a peaceful heart.  By joining together, we hold a strong and steady frequency to amplify the voice of your authentic self so you may shine the light on your genius journey.


It’s easy to make connecting with others more complicated than it really is. When you follow the inspired technologies provided by our master teachers, it’s as simple as just being you.  You'll learn tools to help maintain clarity, focus and connection throughout the day while you nourish your genius in the supportive space of our conscious collective.  


After spending years teaching students in diverse classrooms, employing numerous meditation practices and experiencing different levels of consciousness, we learned how to facilitate the perfect remote classroom, and we’ll share it with you to empower your intentions so you can get results even faster.  


Having spent years letting go of the matrix of illusion, we can share ways to engage your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies to embody peace in your heart and home.  You will be inspired to embrace your journey as you experience sacred strategies to open fully to consciously co-create from the unified field of peace.  


We’re going to share with you the secret to feeling supported and connected so that you can thrive and not lose yourself in the process.  You will be a member of a like-hearted community and be invited to experience the synergized, amplified energies of our ever growing family. 


We will help illuminate your path with timely wisdom, energy vibration infusions and Light Language activations that awaken, activate, align and attune your connection to Universal Consciousness bringing your unique guidance system online so that you can better navigate Your Genius Journey.    

Your Genius Journey™ includes:


This 30 minute audio gives you access to the classroom that awakens you to your genius and empowers you to see the genius in others. This guided meditation, silent presence, and Light Language Activation is your key to unlocking the remote classroom.  You may access this vibrational classroom as many times as you feel called to do so throughout your program enrollment.   (MP3 download)  


This series is supported in the foundational knowing that everything you want, need, and desire is already inside you waiting to be blossomed.  These calls help amplify your connection with the quantum field of universal intelligence while activating your internal guidance system so you are crystal clear on 

your next right action.  (4 Calls)


Your enrollment includes a vetted selection of encoded products and course materials shipped to your door mid term.  The prototype of each selective gift of love is we-alchemized with the help of the ever growing conscious collective to empower peace in the heart, mind, home, classroom and community while helping to support your continued growth and expansion. 


You will receive an email with guidance and instructions that will help you break old habits of unconsciously creating what you don't want.  This inspired email helps you take inspired action to create what you want!  You will spend a few minutes each day doing simple things that inspire you that will change your life.  


From the moment you enroll in this immersive experience, you will have energetic support transmitted through the unseen world.  These timely, targeted energy infusions clear away resistance moving energetic obstacles out of your way so that the daily path to living your genius flows with ease and grace.  Each installment helps you maintain a clear energy field to release conditioned patterns of struggle. 


Your first term enrollment PeaceRx™ Treasure Box contains an added gift of love encoded with transcedent technologies to help you expand Your Genius Journey™ in your unique way with ease and grace.  

The 7 Habits of a Highly Evolved Human  

is available as an e-book for your subsequent term enrollment. 

Your Genius Journey™ is for You If. . .

You have heard the call to make an even bigger difference in the world.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, save your money.

You're miracle-minded, willing to take inspired action AND ready to explore your genius.  If you are satisfied by living from the stage of greatness, don't bother. 

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to rise above.  If you are looking for someone else to "Be the Change"  you wish to see in the world, this is not aligned with your values.    

You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion and purpose and that of the children.  If you do not believe peace is possible, don't invest. 


Get a Feel for the Remote Classroom

An evolved education system requires a unique, one of a kind experiential classroom.  There are no words to describe our vibrational classroom without walls or standardized curriculum that allows students and professionals to source solutions from different thinking.  

Beyond Words

However, you can can get a taste of the results of future wisdom labs from the opening and ending video clips from the 2007 action and adventure film, The Last Mimzy, a movie worth watching.