Peace is Possible

Catalyze Your Team

Awaken untapped human potential, 

expand your results and build a cohesive team

Propel Your Team's Performance

Has your team experienced a recent organizational change or a new direction?

Are you struggling to ensure all members are on the same page?

Have you found that what once worked well isn't producing your desired results ?

Are you open to learning more about what you don't know that you don't know?

Are you to rise above the matrix to disrupt business, education and healthcare?

Help Your Team Live Life With


Live your heart's true desires free from the limits of the mind


Promote Peace in hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide


Accept this invitation to live your joy and create an even better world for all 

M3 Marketing™ Team Catalyst

Ancient Wisdom

Whether you hold live events or offer online training, we have you covered. We can work with you and your team on-site or virtually so you embody your message and up level your game.

Sacred Space

We know that change is easier when you feel supported. That's why our guides are focused on the heart of education-education of the heart.  We are here to empower you and your team. 


We can help you expand your influence, increase your prosperity, and disrupt outdated systems. Our wisdom labs are activated by your intentions to ensure you source solutions from the highest realm.

Level Up and Empower Source Players

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Embody your message and move from force to attraction

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Live in the field of unity and experience joyfilled conversions

Empower Your Team

Expand your team's results as you unleash the power of M3 Marketing™

Team Expansion from the Field of Unity

Catalyze Your Team

Our evolved framework for authentic teaching and learning is inspired by the genius of non verbal autisitics and empowered by ancient whale wisdom. Together, we use proprietary Transcendent Technologies™ available to heart centered experts who choose to step into unity consciousness with our programs to offer Magical, Magnetic, Miraculous Marketing™ packages.  These wisdom labs help you and your team capture the imagination and penetrate the emotions of those you are here to serve so they can fully receive what you have to offer.   

When you join the Diamond Heart Alliance, you not only awaken your infinite potential, you become part of we-alchemy that promotes an authentic, collaborative, connected education model that empowers parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to elevate their game and awaken human consciousness.  Each enrollment brings us one step closer to planetary peace as we continue to practice living harmoniously in the field of unity consciousness. 

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Together, we are illuminating the heart centered innovations of Genius often hidden in the matrix of mind control or buried deep beneath labels of limitation.  

The Three Things You Need to Know About M3 Marketing™

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Each Team Catalyst Includes

Team Expansion Calls

Three remote team cohesion calls for up to 12 leadership team members

Live Event Expansion Catalyst

One live event expansion catalyst to propel your results and unleash the power of M3 Marketing

Private Expansion Catalyst Call

One Private HeartSong™ Reset for up to 12 leadership team members

Joining the Alliance is for you if. . .

You have heard the call to make an even bigger difference in the world.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, save your money.

You're miracle-minded, willing to take inspired action AND ready to explore your genius.  If you are satisfied with living from the stage of greatness, don't bother.

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to rise above.  If you are looking for someone else to "Be the Change" you wish to see in the world, this is not aligned with your values.   

You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion and purpose and that of all children.  If you do not believe peace is possible, don't invest. 

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