Give the Gift of Peace

We are pleased to open up registration for the PeaceRx 2019 Limited Edition release. 


This transcendent periodical of wisdom and activation includes a vetted selection of heart centered innovations, positive energy infusions and audio downloads programmed for priceless peace.

This offer is EXTREMELY LIMITED. If interested, please act quickly to avoid sellout disappointments.  The first 2019 quarterly edition will be shipped in March 2019. 


PeaceRx is a unique subscription box, delivered to your doorstep once a quarter.  The contents of each box is unique and mindfully packaged as your priceless perscription for peace.


If you are among the first 144 to subscribe annually to the 2019 PeaceRx Limited Edition, we will deliver a gift of Peace to a family in need. 


Receive Your Priceless Peace Perscription



There are no contracts or commitments. Skip a year or cancel at any time. 

Receive or Gift


Your box will be shipped quarterly.  It is easy to have your box sent as a gift. 

Enjoy and Serve


We trust you'll love your box AND enjoy helping those in need! 

Limited Edition

Each Quarterly Shipment Includes

✔ 3 carefully chosen items designed to up level your life.  These heart centered innovations have been divinely inspired and mindfully created by masters and may include one-of-a-kind candles, journals, essential oil bath bombs, multi-dimensional downloads, audio transmissions and other gifts of love

✔ Experiential learning opportunities and fun adventures sealed inside with a treasure box of vibrational course materials that empower peaceful living


✔ Each item delivered is infused with the energy of loving intention that empowers peace in your heart.  

✔ Every item in your shipment is activated and attuned with harmonic vocal alchemy to radiate the magic and miracles of transcendence.

PLUS, for the first 144 who subscribe annually, we will deliver a PeaceRx box to a family in need.

Our Promise to You

You can skip a year OR cancel before the end of the year without paying any penalties. You can resume your subscription at any time.  We know you'll love your box, but if you're not completely satisfied, just let us know and we will do our best to make it right. 

Shipping is 100% FREE for US orders

Except for Hawaii and Alaska

Shipping rates for Canada - $5, United Kingdom - $10, Germany - $13, Australia and New Zealand - $23, Spain - $15, Switzerland - $23, Austria - $10, South Africa - $23

The first 2019 quarterly edition will be shipped after the spring equinox.  

US shipping usually takes up to 14 days. International shipping takes 1-3 weeks

The above shipping costs will be invoiced seperately approximately 30 days prior to each delivery. 

2019 Limited Edition Available by Subscription Only


Peace is Possible in the Field of Unity

Engaging Untapped Potential to Deliver Peace

Our evolved framework for authentic teaching and learning is inspired by the genius of non verbal autisitics and empowered by ancient whale wisdom. Together, we use Transcendent Technologies™ to offer M3 Marketing™ packages for heart centered experts who embody their content and walk their talk. Our experiential wisdom labs help you capture the imagination and penetrate the emotions of those ready to have even better conversations about business, education and healthcare.

When you join the Diamond Heart Alliance, you not only awaken your infinite potential, you become part of we-alchemy that promotes an authentic, collaborative, connected education model that empowers parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to up level their game to awaken human consciousness.  Each enrollment brings us one step closer to planetary peace as we continue to practice living harmoniously from the field of unity consciousness. 

Together, we are illuminating the heart centered innovations of Genius often hidden in the matrix of mind control or buried deep beneath labels of limitation.  

The Three Things You Need to Know About Magnetic Marketing™

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Our Secret Sauce

For over three years, I worked remotely with a team of non verbal autistics as a student in the School of Scientific Education at the New Earth Academy.  My Professors in this experiential wisdom lab inspired me to blend my curriculum innovation talents with their transcendent technologies to facilitate a remote classroom and prepare the vibrational course materials toolkit for this advanced learning model.  

Secret be told, the  nonverbal autistics are masters in the field of unity consciousness here to elevate the consciousness of humanity.

​Today, we invite you to join together for Peace.  Your subscription promotes peace in hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide through the quarterly production and distrubution of 

The Living Book of Love™, a transcendent periodical of wisdom and activation available exclusively to those who subscribe to the PeaceRx Club. 

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