""When the POWER OF LOVE overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace." ​Jimi Hendrix

Your Live Event Expansion Catalyst includes:

Expanded Local Promotion


The HeartSpa, Inc. YOU’RE GOLDEN™ Activation is a potent promotional delivery system that uses proprietary Transcendent Technologies™ held in the hearts of non verbal master teachers.  Each YOU’RE GOLDEN™ is encoded for the highest good of all to attract the perfect match.  Up to 144 of YOU’RE GOLDEN™ tickets are mindfully placed in, around and through the local community as invitations to experience a select session of your event. 

Onsite Team Activation


Upon your event team's arrival onsite, DebOrAh facilitates a vibrational session using the power of Light Language to activate, align and attune the heart and mind of each team member to your collective intention. She uses Sacred Sounds that transmit your unique program frequency, to illuminate your programs in the unseen world to attract even more of your perfect clients and inspire their aligned action. 

Targeted Empowerment


One of DebOrAh's unique gifts is her ability to hear the whisper of the soul. When in the physical presence of this call, she is intuitively guided to channel a powerful energy current from the field of Unity Consciousness with the help of her team of Non Verbal Autistic Masters. This divine catalyst inspires action for the highest good for all. Targeted Individualized Empowerment is offered in, around and through your live event

Endnote Empowerment


DebOrAh captivates hearts to ignite upward movement in this endnote session of up to 20 minute that aligns the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious of all who are present in the room. Her distinctive ability to tune in to Universal Intelligence in the present moment allows her to synthesize the priceless impact of your event. She tailors the perfect message for the highest good of your audience. She uses illuminating story and Light Language to provide a profound experience that empowers heart centered innovation. When offered at the end of your gathering, your clients and your team carry home the synergized energy from your priceless event and keeps them engaged in your conversation after your events ends. 

Self Actualization Activation


This powerful activation is offered to each of your event participants with the HeartSpa, Inc. YOU’RE GOLDEN™ wisdom message, a magnetic marketing delivery system. The moment your clients receive their unique YOU’RE GOLDEN™ message, the doorway to the next chapter of their journey is opened. When participants hold their YOU’RE GOLDEN™ message while attending the Endnote Empowerment, their infinite potential is ignited adding PRICELESS VALUE to your program offer. 

Affiliate Opportunity


You may choose to promote select  programs at your live event and earn  an affiliate commission on sales generated during your live event.