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Is it time to reinvent your life?


The Living Book of Love™ Immersion retreat will help you break through limitation and live the life you were truly meant to live, filled with joy, success, intimacy, creativity, LOVE, contribution, and anything you desire. 

This private retreat is a multi-sensory experience of transformation. This experiential wisdom lab allows you the personal time and space to integrate transcendent energy at a mental, emotional, energetic, and cellular level. 

Over a period of 3 days in a place of power and beauty, you are able to strengthen your capacity to realize the truth of your own Divinity and to move beyond limitation to embody your authentic expression. 


The Oregon Coast Sacred Space


 Connect with the field of Unity Consciousness


 Explore Oregon's Rocky Coastline 


Experience the Ocean's Purifying Energy,  


Time and Space for You

A 3 Day Immersion Retreat

You will be cocooned in a sacred space on the edge of the Pacific Ocean where you can connect with the wisdom of the whales, explore the rocky coastline, walk sandy beaches, experience the ocean purifying energy, watch the every changing weather patterns, enjoy nature trails, sit in meditation areas, or simply bask in stillness.



Three guided journeys in places of power and beauty of approximately 2 to 3 hours each


One Limited Edition PeaceRx™ treasure box individually prepared for your private retreat to engage and empower your individual and collective intentions

This is an exclusive, customized private retreat for one to twelve people.  Current locations include explorations to sacred spaces of power and beauty in Depoe Bay, Oregon; Sedona, Arizona; Mt. Shasta, California; Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.   

Say Yes to Your Heart

Now there is a sacred space just for you to Be that allows you the time you need to rest, recharge and renew.

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Sedona, Arizona

Mt. Shasta, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California