A Spa for Your Heart

Bring Peace Into Your Heart

With Whale Speak

We each have a priceless gift to give that is available when our heart is open and nourished.   No matter what is going on in the world around us, access to the wisdom of the heart is a priceless gift.   When we live with an open and nourished heart, we offer the reflection of joy, connection, trust and love that the world needs now more than ever. 

Each transmission of light language, song, and sound opens the heart so you may feel the nourishment of Divine love.  Light Language is truly a language of the heart that has many dialects to include Whale Speak.  All Languages of Light express light codes that speak to your cells, awakening and nourishing them at a deep core level.  Hearing Light Language takes you into the space of deep peace.  With each expression, you go further into the expanse of your infinite potential allowing for expanded connection.  

Open and embrace unity consciousness and with the help of a resident pod of whales that is at home in Depoe Bay, Oregon 10 months out of the year.    

Your HeartSpa™ Reset  is offered in the embrace of this Whale Wisdom and is available remotely and face to face in Depoe Bay, Oregon. 

Contact the HeartSpa™ to schedule your consultation to build trust, strengthen intimacy and empower intention so you may feel even more peace, harmony and joy. ​​

Connect with Whale Wisdom

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Voice Alchemy

The HeartSpa™Reset is a vibrational sound meditation that helps rebalance your mind, body, spirit systems and move beyond perceived limitations.  

During this personalized session you will experience Light Language through DebOrAh's harmonic vocals that bypass the logical mind to access Theta brain waves so you can release obstacles to peace and experience even more harmony and joy in your life. 

A HeartSpa™ Reset is for You If. . .

 You have heard the call to embody even more peace and harmony in your life.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, no need to schedule a session. 

You're miracle-minded, willing to deepen your connections and daily practice.  If you are comfortable with your life as it is, don't bother.

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to rise above stress and struggle.  If you prefer to live your life from what you already know, this may not be aligned with your current path.   

You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion and purpose and that of the children.  If you feel powerless and would rather spend your time fitting into the current state of affairs, don't waste your time.