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Are you a Conscious Creator?


Do you feel a tug in your heart to share something unique?

Do you know that you are here to be a part of something even bigger?

Are you ready to UNITE and change the world?

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Your Genius Journey™

The World is Filled With Brilliant People with Amazing Gifts

The problem is, not all know how to thrive in the world in ways that honor their uniqueness!   


Because they've been trained to work in systems that compete for greatness when they are wired to share their genius in collaboration and unity.    

If you have found this page. . . 

You where born to live YOUR GENIUS.  If you are here to share your genius you may have experienced struggle being in a world that was built from the "me" thinking consciousness.       

However, now Your Genius can florish in the world form with the support of a conscious collective joined together in a chalice of unity, love and collaboration.


Awaken Your Infinite Potential

You no longer need to struggle

We have been living on the stage of greatness in a world built from a foundation where the pinnacle of success is SELF actualization.     

However, we've passed through the event horizon beyond SELF Actualization.  A place where we step above the stage of greatness and meet TOGETHER in the field of genius.     

We believe that each of us has a unique gift that our world needs, including those who are non-verbal autistic.  AND we have witnessed the transcendent technologies of many uniquely gifted beings.  These innovations are beyond any others previously introduced in the physical world.       

With the right tools, understanding, focus, and support, you can share your genius and experience the transcendent technologies of other uniquely gifted.  Together, we attract those ready to receive what we have to offer in an ever-evolving alliance built on the foundation of unity, love, peace and prosperity.         

You can be part of the full blossoming of untapped human potential and help bring peace into hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.  ​  

I invite you to step from the stage of greatness into the field of genius to explore your genius gifts and empower the genius in others.

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We'll help empower your intentions, illuminate your path, and strengthen your energy, so that you feel supported and stay connected.      

This experiential wisdom lab is where you’ll get tools to attune your heart and mind to the voice of Your Genius.  As we learn together from the field of unity consciousness, we are able to harmonize your needs with the needs of others on the path of awakening.

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Your Genius Journey™ is for You If

You are called to make an even bigger difference in the world

If you are satisfied with the status quo, save your money.

You're miracle-minded and ready to explore your genius

If you are satisfied by living from the stage of greatness, don't bother.

You’re a devoted Source Player ready to up level your game

If you are waiting for someone else to be the change, this is not for you.

Your Genius Journey™

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Spring term begins April 2019.  Class size is limited to 24 students each quarter.  Priority is given to returning students and approved applicants.  Enrollment will close without further notice.

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